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Matthew Ferry Exclusive
Don't buy the lie.
Learning more and slugging it out isn't always the path to success.
by Matthew Ferry

Brett thought he had it all figured out. A successful real estate agent in New Jersey, at 29 he was a pretty forward thinking guy.

Yet when we started working together it was evident he was suffering from a what I call a Realistic Mindset.

Being realistic made Brett think small... and linear... which dramatically limited his results and his income.

Because he was realistic about what it would take to live his dreams, Brett believed he had to get more skills… to learn more about the business… and take more listings so that he could have the money to do what he really wanted.

Let’s be honest, Brett didn’t have a skill set problem… He had a mindset problem.
He was being realistic. Which is code for small and safe.
Brett’s mindset was dramatically limiting his creativity and leverage.  

Brett wanted to do well, make some money, invest it for the future and create a safe retirement for himself. 

He dreamed of living in Fiji and having his investments pay for it all.

He believed that there was the only one way he would achieve his goals.

Learn more. Get more skilled. Take more listings. Make more money. Invest realistically.

He believed that if he did that… then he could achieve his goal of building his retirement income using real estate to create passive income…

Which is a great idea. If you are in the real estate business it really is a way to leverage the people and products you are already dealing with every day.

But Brett’s mindset was limited… He thought he had to develop his skills so he could add more deals to his production.

In fact, he even tried to convince me that he had to slug it out.

Here was the plan: He would add four more deals every quarter to his production which would give him an additional $45k a year to invest in real estate. Then he would buy a realistic investment property, that would produce a small monthly cash flow.

“If I do that over and over Matthew, in about 10 years I will be set. Then I can go do what I really want too.”

Brett is a well spoken, influential guy. He used very convincing language to try and get me on-board with this realistic plan for the next decade as he ‘went for his dreams.’
It made total sense to Brett.
I looked at it another way.

Brett had made peace with suffering through a very long struggle filled process that hopefully in a decade or so would provide him with a just enough passive income to retire on. After all, he’s just being realistic, right?

Brett told me that he needed to develop his skills
as a sales person, then to develop his skills as an investor and one day… it will all pay off… “I’m just being realistic, Matthew.”

It wasn’t until Brett got exposed to mindset training that everything changed.

As a result, Brett did the inner work and he discovered that he was being limited by a set of beliefs that caused him to take the slow path of struggle.

That set of false beliefs created a filter for his decision making. He had succumb to the idea that everything was going to be hard and take longer then he wanted and that was just the way it was.
But everything changed… in an instant…
He was immersing himself in my training programs… and one day it hit him!  Bamn!  Like a blinding flash of the obvious.

He thought to himself… Why don’t I just go after what I want now?  Who says it has to be hard?  Who says it has to be a struggle? I don’t need any more skills. I take action now, and learn as I go.

With this one shift in his mindset he went out and bought an apartment building that today gives him $5000 a month in cash flow month in and month out… with no money out his pocket.  

Look, Brett didn’t need any more training… He didn’t need any more skills… He just needed to shift his perspective and remove the limiting beliefs that were stopping him from taking action… and that’s exactly what mindset training does.

Even more exciting… Brett is about to pull the trigger on a four more properties that will bring in $130k a year in cash flow.

Suddenly… just before his 30th birthday Brett is considering what life would be like living in Fiji for a year at a time… no longer worrying about working for his money.
If Brett can do it… why can’t you?
Summary: Brett’s thinking was limiting him, not his skills. He’d made peace with a path that was long and hard, thinking it was the realistic way to get what he wanted. As a result of mindset training, he shifted his perspective, and started taking new actions that accelerated his dreams.

Brett gave me permission to share his story. This was written in June 2016, recounting events of the last 6 months. It is for illustrative purposes only. You will not have the same experience as Brett. Mindset training produces different results for different people based on many factors.

What about you? Where is your mindset stopping you from going after what you really want?

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