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[UPDATE] The Mental Journey To Millions 2017 is now included in The P3 Academy.
Discover the EXACT process Matthew uses to manifest big results
From the Desk of Matthew Ferry

I have spent my life investigating the best personal development and human potential programs available. I've studied more than 163 mentors and put their ideas to the test. 

From metaphysics, to Neuro Linguistic Programming, to meditation, to all forms of religion and new-Age ideals, to psychology, and quantum physics, I am seeker just like you.

As a result, I've aggregated these disciplines and applied them in my life and in the lives of my clients with staggering consistency and predictability. 

Because of this, I am currently living the life of my dreams. My clients can say the same about their lives and right now, in this moment, is your chance to say the same about your life.

For the first time, I am sharing these behind-the-scenes tools and techniques. You'll find them inside the Mental Journey To Millions 2017.

WATCH NOW: Session 1 is my gift to you
The P3 Academy is NOT for the personal development newbie
Truth is, unless you've been involved in the self-help and personal development world before, I can be pretty annoying.

My specialty is working with people who have a good life and want more. 

My clients know what's inside them... they know what they are capable of... they just need to connect that last piece in order to experience the quantum leap they KNOW is theirs to have.

Sound familiar?

You know who you are. You've been seeking for awhile now. You've found lots of ways to improve your financial life, your professional life, your health... even your relationships. 

Right now life is pretty good.

But deep down, you know it can be great.

You've read the books... done the affirmations... created the dream boards... attended the seminars... maybe you've even walked on hot coals! (Me too!)

What you've done up until now HAS helped...

But it didn't produce the lasting change you crave. Those things made a difference, but it wasn't enough to cause a profound transformation in the way you operate in life.

That's where I come in.

Here's the deal. If you are reading this, then chances are you know me. You've read one of my books, attended a tele-class, coached with me or someone you trust has sent you my way (I've been at this for 20+ years, so it's about time our paths crossed!).

The P3 Academy contains some of the most powerful, and transformational programs that I offer. 

In fact, the only other way to get results from the Mindset Methodology I've developed in over the last two decades is to work with me privately. 

Easier said than done.

My $795/month mastermind group is closed. And coaching with me costs $30,000 a year.

That's why I created The P3 Academy. It was time to make it easier to touch the lives of more and more people.

Pretty simple, really.

If you are ready to take your personal development journey to the next level, then you are in the right place.

Below you will find the nitty gritty on P3... what's inside and what you get as a member.

But here's bottom line: If you are ready for a profound shift in your levels of power, profit and peace of mind, then The P3 Academy is for you.

And, today you can get it all (see below for the list) PLUS I am throwing in Secret Weapons to ensure you get the most out of your investment in P3.

Today is the day to spend a buck and see if what I have to offer is for you.

Let's do this.
Curious what members have to say about The P3 Academy? I asked. They answered...
"I'm a member of the P3 Academy because no one delivers content in as powerful or personal a way as Matthew Ferry. His approach is so different and so refreshing because of his willingness to confront topics directly, concisely, and without fluff."

- Ciji Siddons
"I am a member of the P3 Academy because I know I am powerful and I have the ability to manifest and live a beautiful life but sometimes you need practical steps for how to get there. Mathew along with all of his tools and techniques are exactly that. Also as with life and ups and downs I sometimes get into a rut or a space energetically that I need help getting out of and Matthew and the tools and techniques of this group do that for me."

- Christy Dole
"I am a member of P3 academy because none of the rah-rah surface stuff was working to help me get to the next level and have peace of mind. P3 is a complete channel changer, not just turning the volume up on a station that I was tired of listening too and didn't really work anyway."

- Kelly Chaplin
"I'm a member of the P3 academy because the tools and advise keep me calm, peaceful and happy."

- Erica Hoffman
Premier Program: Transforming Fear Into Action
Learn how to change your mindset and you will change your feelings. Your feelings influence your actions. Take new actions, you get new results. 

That is the promise of Transforming Fear into Action. If you have a mental barrier to taking action, then this training will cause you to break through your barriers and take action.

Transforming Fear Into Action does exactly what the name says it does. You watch the videos, your fear starts to disappear and you get into massive action.

Taking control of your mindset starts here. Today you start transforming your fears into action! This is a huge step toward feeling confidence and personal power. You will make more money, improve your health, strengthen or heal relationships and finally experience the balance you have always wanted in your life.
 "Matthew, you're a master! This course rocked. I now feel that I can control my Drunk Monkey, and I'm very clear that Awareness gives me Flexibility which gives me options and Options give me power."
- Craig Beggins
"Great program, will watch again."
- Paul Spaulding
"Great graphics. The text makes you think. Doing the exercises helps you get into action, which creates momentum, which brings results."
- William Zygmant
Premier Program: Ridiculous Bliss
How much better will your life be when you feel Ridiculous Bliss? How much more will you achieve? When you learn to be happy now, it's easy to be inspired. When you learn to be satisfied now, you naturally let go of stress. 

Ridiculous Bliss delivers street tested happiness techniques that are easy to implement in your life, now.

• Eliminate debilitating stress from your life
• Make your fears disappear and get back in action
• Recapture your inspiration and enthusiasm for life
• Harness the power of your thoughts to be happy now
• Become a magnet for good fortune and attract life changing opportunities
• Let go of habits that make you unhappy

If money, family and material wealth won't make you happy, then what will? Learn to live in a state of Ridiculous Bliss and your life will become easy, effortless and enjoyable. 
"Ridiculous Bliss provides you with the essential tools to achieve the one thing we all want out of life—true happiness. Matthew Ferry’s simple-to-implement system will show you how to create and maintain happiness in any situation and empower you to embrace and enjoy life."
- Ivan Misner
"Matthew Ferry lives in Ridiculous Bliss himself and spreads it wherever he goes.  His ideas are easy to implement and create great results."
- Cynthia Kersey
"Ridiculous Bliss is brilliant, powerful and has changed my life dramatically. My life was already amazing and Matthew Ferry made it better!  Everyone deserves to have Ridiculous Bliss."
- Mark Victor Hansen
Premier Program: Prosperity Through Meditation
Are you ready to become an irresistible business person? Are you ready to start attracting incredible results into your life? If you are ready to have a breakthrough in your peace of mind, then this training will fundamentally change your life.

Matthew Ferry and Steven Sadleir with special guest Dr. David Hawkins take your through a series of enlightening conversations and meditations that naturally raises your consciousness. 

At higher levels of consciousness you effortlessly attract the results you want simply by being your authentic self. If you feel like you have been pushing to get the results lately, then this process will cause you to shift into peace and flow. From there you attract results effortlessly.
  •  Learn to meditate easily
  •  Learn to the science of manifesting what you want
  •  Develop prosperity consciousness
  •  Sharpen your focus
  •  Allow inspiration to take over your consciousness
  •  Open yourself up to what's next in your life
  •  Get into "the zone" where everything just flows
  •  Transform money making into an effortless and enjoyable process
  •  Create profound states of peace in your mind.
PLUS... the original Mental Journey To Millions!
I bet you are naturally wired like an inspired millionaire, but you've been trained by those who use force to win in business and in life. Using force will make you feel like you are on the hamster wheel from hell. If that's how you have been feeling about making your most important projects go... then it's time to release force and adopt inspiration.

Mental Journey to Millions (MJM as we lovingly call it) helps you identify and resolve this internal conflict and gives you the tools to have a prosperous life, on your terms. Learn how to use these paradoxes do your advantage...

• Slow down to speed up your results.
• Go within to manifest massive abundance.
• Give to others and receive everything you are looking for.

Watch as my good friend and long time student, Thach Nguyen and I co-present MJM in Seattle WA. It is recommended you review this course several times in a row. Then, review it at least once a year to keep your Inspired Millionaire habits working for you.
"While I was doing it I realized that I am the creator of my experience. All the stories I make up are just stories anyway. I can choose the stories that empower me. Also, beliefs that support what I am wanting/intending. Also to accept people and I as much as I think I am right other people think they are right. And miracles are all around just notice."
- George Lorimer
"It was a mind blowing experience. There were times during the program when I was annoyed, impatient, and exasperated, but ultimately wound up impressed with the truth of what was being presented and discovering how much I listen to my Drunk Monkey and how I can get out of my own way. I am feeling a shift in my perspective, and can see a change, small but definite, in my interactions with the people in my life. I am looking forward to continuing this journey."
- William Zygmant
"This program altered my thinking so dramatically I can not/would not return to my old way of processing. It is intense, in your face, funny at times, terrifying at times, and not for anyone satisfied with status quo. I am so grateful to make these changes in my approach to life and look forward to incorporating the next stage."
- Lynn Paige
Meditations & Visualizations
One of my favorites sayings is to "make your mindset an asset." That's exactly what these meditations and visualizations do.

Start your day with momentum. Shift out of a rut. Or get yourself inspired to take action on your dreams...

Whatever your goal one of these street-tested audios promises to do the trick.
Connecting To Abundance
Kick start the abundance in your life! This 20 minute mental conditioning exercise will re-convince you that you are a powerful magnet for abundance and prosperity. No matter where you listen to this audio, you will feel a renewed sense of confidence and faith that abundance is on its way to you today.
 "Amazing to listen to before going into work! It gets your head on track."
- Cheri Chavez
10/10 Visualization
Matthew’s most widely used mental conditioning technique is brought to life by his hypnotic voice. Use this 20 minute guided visualization to instantly bring yourself back to feeling good. If you are in a funk, then listen to this now.
"I enjoyed listening to the audio, will listen daily, it brings a calm, yet confidence in me... Can't explain it, but felt good! Thank you Matthew!"
- JoAnn Visaretis
All Is Well
Relieve stress fast with Matthew’s soothing and reassuring mental conditioning exercise. Get back to feeling good and being productive within 20 minutes. This exercise can be done as a closed eye meditation or while in the zone on the treadmill. No matter where you listen to this audio, you will feel your shoulders relax, your breath will deepen and the smile will return to your face.
"I have never been able to still my mind to meditate effectively. This segment assisted me in a way I almost didn't realize it was happening and bam!, my mind was stilled. A relief and rest I was so relieved to experience. Thank you!"
- Lynn Paige
Amplifying Your Money Magnetism
This 15 minute mental conditioning exercise gets you focused on what you are grateful for and making more money. Use it daily to get yourself energized to make money and move your goals forward.
What I love about AYMM it's really helped me unblock so many thoughts for me to move forward. It's helped me release fear and anxiety to feel empowered and excited.
- LeeAnn Iacino
Accepting Self, Others & Situations
When you are feeling negative emotions, do this 20 minute exercise. One of Matthew’s most popular mental conditioning exercises, this visualization can be done with your eyes closed or on the treadmill in the morning. No matter when you do it, you will let go of negativity and instantly experience happiness and peace again.
"I really enjoyed this and plan on listening to it a lot. It helps one get beyond being critical ....super inspirational!!"
- Victor Dietz
Original Matthew Ferry Music
"I'm enjoying these greatly! I've started listening on the way to work or while at home getting ready for the day. I actually feel quite energized after listening to them! Another wonderful resource - Thanks Matthew!"
- Tom DeWine
Music is my first love. As a teenager, it consumed me. Writing, playing, singing. I did anything I could to have music in my life. At age 16, my bandmate Roger Wade and I were signed to a label. We were on top of the world. Until they cancelled our contract, and my dream died. In hindsight, it was one of the most pivotal moments in my life, and started the journey to become the man I am today. Thankfully, music is in my life more than ever. 

In 2017 one of the songs I co-wrote was released by Coldharbour Recordings, founded by top DJ Markus Schulz.  Currently, I have 42 songs in various stages of development. Listen to my most recent works inside the Mental Journey To Millions 2017, where I perform live for the first time in years with one of my current writing partners Nuttalya.

Vertigo Deluxe (2001)

Matthew Ferry, Roger Wade
Full Album +  Album Note and Reflections

Energy Affirmations 1 (2001)

Matthew Ferry
Full Album

Energy Affirmations 2 (2003)

Matthew Ferry
Full Album + Album Note and Reflections

Love Explosion (2004)

Matthew Ferry
Full Album + Album Note and Reflections

Reset Button (2011)

Matthew Ferry & David Keesee
Full Album + Album Note and Reflections
The P3 Essentials Collection
Profit and Peace of Mind mindset.
The P3 Essentials Collection is jammed packed with tools and techniques from my Mindset Methodology. Enjoy!

#1 Secret To Taking Action


Discover Your Purpose Workbook

The Game Changer Process P3 Edition

The Failure To Fortune Formula P3 Edition

The Release Attachment Exercise

The Rule Breaker System

Instant Inspiration

The Gift: A Revolution In Networking Mastery

  •  Clear Your Energy For Attraction Checklist
  •   Instant Manifestation Affirmation Cards
  •   Instant Manifestation Checklist
  •   Negative Energy Release Script
  •   New Customer Attraction Checklist
  •   Release Your Blocks Checklist
  •   Taming The Drunk Monkey Checklist
  •   Taming The Drunk Monkey Affirmation Cards
  •   What is The Drunk Monkey? ebook
Secret Weapon #1: Tame The Drunk Monkey Daily Text 
By now, you know about The Drunk Monkey - my nickname for the mind chatter in your head. 
Truth is, the #1 thing you can do to improve your life - make more money, have better relationships, pursue your dreams - is to get The Drunk Monkey under control.

It’s the FIRST thing I do with my new coaching clients. Unless my clients understand The Drunk Monkey, and its motives, they will not get what they want out of investing $30,000 a year to coach with me.
Taming The Drunk Monkey is the first step in making any kind of lasting impact in the quest for more power, profit and peace of mind.

My Daily Text Messages help you...
  •  Spot your fight or flight system in action, and move back into logic
  •  Eliminate reactions, so you have the clarity to respond with power
  •  Diffuse frustration, so you can tackle problems big and small with ease
  •  Get back into an effective mental state, so you can perform your best
  •  Put things into perspective, so you are thinking clearly
  •  Lower your stress levels, so you have energy and focus
  •  Increase your level of confidence, so you experience more ease and flow
  •  Become unstoppable, and accelerate your biggest goals and dreams
  •  Feel the pressure lift off your shoulders, so you experience more joy… now.
"Exactly what I needed to hear today."
"Matthew, are you following me around?"
"Wow, that hit the nail on the head."
Secret Weapon #2: My Spiritual Hooligans Facebook Group
As part of The P3 Academy, you get access to my private Spiritual Hooligans Facebook group. 

Want to be personally coached by me? Here’s the process:
1. You ask for coaching inside the FB Group.
2. I will coach you on the spot. 

Easy, right?

Here’s the deal: You will be coached be me. Not mini-me, or fake me, or someone I’ve hired to be me. Nope. It’s me. 

Hands down, this is the BEST DEAL I offer. And the truth is, very few people take me up on it. Private coaching with me is $2500 a month. So, getting it as part of your P3 membership is a steal. 

And here’s the thing… It doesn’t matter if you are a private client, a mastermind client, or a P3 client. I am dedicated to you. 

That’s why I give you a direct access to me via our Facebook community PLUS you get the benefit of connecting with others on the same journey as you. 
Make the most of your P3 membership by being an active member in my Facebook Group. The more you contribute, the faster you will experience higher levels of power, profit and peace of mind.

 "I love the FB group, being able to share with each other. the more we share the more chances we have to learn."
- Cherie Chavez
"Excellent content! Wonderful sense of community!"
- Matt Burgess
"I love the Facebook page! Luv the peeps and you can put your thoughts out there and people don't think you crazy!"
- Robin Moore Schierscher
If you are ready for a quantum leap in your level of power, profit and peace of mind, then The P3 Academy is exactly what you've been searching for.
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join The P3 Academy Today!
  • Mental Journey To Millions 2017 ($795 value)
  • Transforming Fear Into Action ($495 Value)
  • Ridiculous Bliss ($295 Value)
  • Prosperity Through Meditation ($795 Value)
  • Mental Journey To Millions 2007 ($795 Value)
  • Meditations & Visualizations ($129 Value)
  • Original Matthew Ferry Music ($145 Value)
  • P3 Essentials Collection ($325 Value)
  • Secret Weapon #1: Tame The Drunk Monkey Text Messages ($129 Value)
  • Plus... Surprise "Just Because" Bonuses (Unlimited Value)
Total Value: $5091.00
Get Full, Unlimited Access for 14 Days, for just $1!
Then your membership is $69/mo. 
Cancel anytime.
Your $1 trial ends in 14 days. After that, you will be billed $69/mo until you cancel. No contract. No refunds or pro rating.
PLEASE READ: MEMBERSHIP IN THE P3 ACADEMY is PER-PERSON. Please do not share your log in information with anyone. 

The programs inside The P3 Academy are Matthew Ferry exclusives, and are currently valued at $5091.00 as of October 2017 for an annual membership. We are consistently adding new training programs and special bonuses exclusively for P3 members!

Access to The P3 Academy is via a password protected website. Wifi required. No downloads. For your individual use only. If you have any questions about The P3 Academy, please contact Karen at clientcare @
Your investment is protected by my Happy Client 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.
OK, what's the catch?
My motives are simple: As a coach, I've dedicated my life to helping my clients have the life they want.

Inside The P3 Academy you will find my proven processes for experiencing more power, profit and peace of mind.

But don't take my word for it. I am offering you FULL, UNLIMITED ACCESS to The P3 Academy for $1 for one reason: I want you to see for yourself how the mindset methodology I've developed over the past two decades cause an immediate shift in you.

Start with Mental Journey To Millions. Take it in. Watch as your perspective about life changes, without your life changing at all. Experience first hand how my methodology transforms your thinking on the spot and gives you the "P3" you've been seeking for years.

That's why I am offering it for only $1, risk free!

Why time is of the essence...
Yes, this IS a limited offer, but beyond that, there is REAL scarcity that you need to be aware of...

1st) The $1 trial offer will not last forever.  It is our Pre-Launch pricing. Take advantage of this offer now, before it goes away.

2nd) Charter Member pricing (66% discount) is ending soon. We are selling out memberships fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the price. Charter Members will be grandfathered in at the discounted price. Other members will not.

So, NOW is the time to lock in your membership.
Is There A Guarantee?

I 100% guarantee that you will love The P3 Academy, or I'll give you your $1 back.

That's right. If during your 14 day trial you decide this isn't for you, simply send an email to Karen in Client Care, and she will refund your $1.

Sound fair?

And, if at any time you decide that you don't want to continue as a member of The P3 Academy, you can cancel at any time. No questions asked (OK, we will ask for your candid feedback so we can continue to improve the Academy!).

Pretty simple, right?
What's the bottom line?
In case you are someone like me who skips to the bottom of the page, here's the deal:

Join The P3 Academy today for 14 Days, for just $1. Then, enjoy Charter Member pricing of just $69/mo (this includes membership in my closed Facebook Group).

And if for some crazy reason you don't love P3, simply cancel your membership at anytime.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for? Get started now.

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